Lesson Journey Mapping Actionable Insights 3

How to turn Journey Mapping into Actionable Insights

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(Timezone) CET
30 minutes


This lesson focuses on the next steps after you have mapped your customer journey and service blueprint and have uncovered key insights. You will learn how best to start to manage your journey outcomes, which initiatives to put first and what criteria you should be considering in your planning.


Who's it for?

This Lesson is right for you if:

- You are a CX professional in your organization responsible for managing the CX program

- You have just mapped your customer journey but are not sure what to do next with the insights you now see

- You want to define or refine best practices in managing your various CX initiatives

- You are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of insight from your journey maps

- You want to find best practices in project management and collaboration in order to best execute your plans

What will you learn?

You will learn

- How to turn insights from journey maps to real life projects and tasks

- What criteria to use in prioritization including cost/benefit and ROI

- How to use a Transformation Map to support prioritization

- Key rules of agile execution of CX projects

- How to handle change during CX project lifecycles

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