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Based on our deep experience of CX best practices and delivered by CCXP professionals, Cemantica have put together a rich and varied program of CX training courses designed to help you from strategy to execution. Search for the right Customer Experience Learning for you, whether you want to get started, refine your approach or upskill your CX team as you grow.

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How do you become a
CX specialist?

As a CX specialist, you are expected to understand customers, optimize and manage their experiences and contribute to the overall product and service quality of your organization. Becoming a CX specialist involves an ongoing journey of learning and skill development. It starts with a Customer Experience training program, such as the CX Masterclass which provides the foundational knowledge necessary for a Customer Experience focused role. Further training courses such as CX Bootcamps cover specific topics such as customer journey mapping, executing CX initiatives based on insights from journey maps and how to impact business strategy.

Further, a certification course adhering to known international standards such as the CXPA can enhance your professional credibility. Preparing to be CCXP qualified can be supported by a CCXP Training Workshop which can provide step-by-step guidance, materials and readiness to set CX professionals up for success in achieving this standard.

Online courses such as Cemantica CX Lessons offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to balance learning with other responsibilities. These short, free courses provide various topics that can be chosen depending on a CX professional´s current needs or level of maturity.

Remember, continuous learning is key in this field. Stay updated with the latest trends and strategies in customer experience management to ensure your skills remain relevant and beneficial to your organization.

What is Customer Experience
(CX) training

Customer Experience (CX) training is a professional learning program designed to equip each individual with the skills necessary to enhance a customer’s journey with a business. This training should focus on how to understand customers’ needs and expectations and will support the development of personal and team skills and strategies to meet and exceed them.

Ultimately, CX training is about empowering individuals to transform the customer experience, adapting business models and driving business success within a customer-centric organization, where every decision supports the customer’s experience.


More CX resources

Our constantly updated catalog of resources is available to view and download to help further your Customer Experience knowledge and grow your expertise. Watch videos of past events and interviews, read expert blogs, download whitepapers and much more. The perfect complement to our CX training course program.