Who We Are

Find out about Cemantica, our team, our mission and how we help

Who are Cemantica?

Cemantica is end-to-end Customer Experience software from strategy to execution, our innovative journey management platform leverages CX best practice and the power of AI to empower you to achieve your business transformation goals.

Find out how our Customer Experience specialists do it.

Cemantica's Mission

We help organizations gain a better, deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations, turning those insights into profitable opportunities to improve customer experiences through the entire relationship lifecycle.

CX Mission Possible

Our scalable Customer Experience Management SaaS platform, combined with our proven CX program approach, allows your organization to constantly refine your customer-enabled operations and go at the pace your customers, stakeholders and competitors demand.

Our Values


Here at Cemantica we are passionate about the human experience and love to spread our motivation for providing better customer experiences with people at the heart of everything. Our team ethic of making work fun is contagious.


We believe in giving our customers the tools you need to realize your business goals. Customer experience specialists support you in a timely manner during your customer-centric journey as you grow. We’re here to listen, understand, guide and support you.


Because change is constant, Cemantica knows that innovation is key for you to unlock new ways of giving customers what they want. We constantly adapt our technology (including harnessing AI) and methodologies to anticipate market needs, now and in the future.


Cemantica was built by CCXP professionals with proven methodologies and technology you can rely on. Count on us to provide you with best practices and be part of your team, whenever you need us.

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Our Global Presence

Bringing the CX passion wherever you are.

Headquarters in France, R&D in Israel, and a team of customer experience specialists located in different parts of the world.

More than 100 strategic and technology partners based in all corners of the globe.

Happy local and global customers across all continents.

An international, experienced team of Customer Experience specialists

People matter, experience is invaluable.

Our international leadership team, each with their own specialist teams are aligned under one goal to help you deliver exceptional customer experience.

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Bottom Curve

Certifications from the industry for our CX technology and consulting

Whether it’s the technology of our Cemantica platform or the CX experts providing our customers with guidance, it’s important that our approach is independently verified by global organizations. We strive for excellence and to provide you peace of mind when working with Cemantica to achieve your business goals.

CXPA recommends Cemantica platform built by CCXP professionals

The Customer Experience Professionals Association is the premier global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession. The CXPA supports the professional development of its members and advances the field by providing shared best practices and education, developing standards, offering networking opportunities, promoting the industry, and creating a better understanding of the discipline of Customer Experience.

Cemantica is a proud member of the CXPA and our Customer Experience Management Platform is one of the solutions recommended by them on the CX marketplace. Cemantica believes that business and technology go hand-in-hand, this is why all our CX Consultants enroll in the rigorous CCXP certification program.

Cemantica platform certified by the Customer Institute

The Customer Institute is a not-for-profit, global organization whose mission is to be the go-to source for B2B, B2C, and public-sector organizations to excel through customer centricity. 

The Customer Institute searches, develops, and promotes best practices to prove the value of customer centricity to help organizations speed up corporate growth. Its leadership includes some of the best thought leaders, consultants, practitioners, innovators, and scholars in the global CX space today. 

Cemantica is proud to be certified by the Customer Institute as part of its certification and assessment programs, which enables and recognizes excellence in customer centricity. 

Data security and reliability with ISO 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 is the world’s best-known standard for information security management systems (ISMS) and their requirements. It enables organizations of all sectors and sizes to manage the security of assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee data and information entrusted by third parties.

As a global partner serving the Enterprise market in Customer Experience, Cemantica knows how important security, privacy and availability is for our clients and how we handle your data. That’s why we are proud to announce our independently verified ISO 27001 certification, recognizing our ongoing excellence adhering to the strictest international standards.

CXPA Recognized Training Provider

In association with Customer Experience Consultancy which is an accredited CXPA Recognized Training Provider (RTP), Cemantica is proud to bring you best practice throughout our Learning program.

The CXPA RTP program identifies providers that have met qualifications deemed essential to providing quality training in line with the CXPA Customer Experience framework.

Business Stability from Coface

As a global and respected leader in credit insurance and risk management, Coface’s mission is to support clients in making the right credit and risk decisions. A key part of building successful, growing and strong businesses, is Business Stability. Following a credit risk assessment, Cemantica have been accredited with Coface’s Business Stability certification, showing that doing business with us is a smart and sound decision.

SOC2 Type II certified

Cemantica is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of security, privacy, and data availability for our enterprise clients. Our SOC2 Type II certification, independently verifies our adherence to the strictest international standards. This certification underscores our ongoing commitment to excellence in securing financial information, intellectual property, employee data and third-party entrusted information.

How does Cemantica help you deliver great Customer Experience and boost your business performance?

At Cemantica we believe that Customer Experience reaches way beyond journey mapping – to us it is about fostering a whole new “Customer Experience culture” and taking the “Power of Emotion” into your business strategy.

Check out our Customer Experience management platform solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Proven best practice

Proven best practice

Our CCXP methodology help you pinpoint your organization’s CX maturity, by benchmarking versus industry standards and define your current state in order to map out your CX strategy and plan your next steps to success.

Customer journey maps

Customer journey maps

Using our Customer Journey Maps and Personas tool, we can workshop with your team to identify your brand values, who your customers are, their pain points, your areas of improvement and identify new growth paths.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights

Our Customer Journey Management technology captures these insights from journey maps, becoming a daily tool, infused with your VoC data in real-time to track and refine your CX continuous improvement plan.

CX program management

CX program management

Our all-in-one SaaS platform allows you to turn insights into concrete actions in CX-ready project management templates, with defined tasks for your team to prioritize, collaborate, execute and analyze.

CX project ROI & analytics

CX project ROI & analytics

Our ROI module allows you to create a business case with your different business levers for each CX project. You will be able to define the financial impact of your CX projects and monitor the financial outcomes over time.

Business orientated governance

Business orientated governance

Firmly grounded in business principles, our CX governance cycle approach easily surfaces key performance analytics, supporting you to deliver short, medium and long-term return on investment.


Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have some initial questions about the Cemantica platform, here are some common requests we receive, but please don’t hesitate to contact us for a specific enquiry.

Contact Us
Which Cemantica subscription package is right for our organization?

Each organization is unique and requires specific features to support your Customer Experience strategy. For this reason, Cemantica offers a few options to get you started.
Start using the platform right now with a free subscription to our Standard package which offers unlimited personas and journey maps for up to three users.
Or if you want to explore our Expert package with its extended functionalities you can start a 14-day free trial and make an informed decision (with no credit card required!)
If you need more assistance in choosing the right plan for you, please visit our Pricing page and contact to discuss or request a demo of any of our packages Standard, Expert or Enterprise.

Can I mix users from different subscription package plans?

If you have an Enterprise package you can mix users across Enterprise, Expert and Standard packages. Your Administrator can define subscription types and privileges for each user in the User Management section.

How do I add more licensed users?

You can add as many users as you wish during your subscription period. Your Administrator can add more users in the User Management section or you can contact If for example, you have a 12-month subscription and after three months you decide to add five more users, you then will pay for these five additional users for the remaining months only until renewal. You can also mix different types of licenses (for example Enterprise and Expert licenses).

How do we change a user´s password?

Your Administrator can easily change passwords for any user in the User Management section of Cemantica.

What options are available for read-only users?

Super Viewers are our read-only user options for Expert and Enterprise subscription packages. Read-only access means you can invite co-workers as Super Viewers to view and comment on your maps, and they can access specific workspaces that you set up to collaborate on what concerns them. There are no limitations to adding Super Viewers – it´s free no matter how many you need. Please contact

Can I change my billing plan?

You may decide at any time to upgrade or downgrade your subscription according to your needs. Please contact

We have reached the limit of three free users in our Standard subscription, how do I add more?

Please contact to discuss your options.

We´ve been using our free Standard subscription and want to go further with our CX activities. How do we upgrade our free Standard subscription to Expert?

Please contact to discuss your options.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Secure options to pay for a Cemantica subscription are bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. Please contact

What happens to our maps when we change our subscription package?

Don´t worry, if you choose to change your subscription plan your data will automatically move and you can keep working.

I deleted my Journey Map, am I able to reinstate it?

All deleted Journey Maps are moved to your Trash Bin. Maps within the Trash bin can either be restored or deleted permanently. Please email if you require assistance with restoring any deleted maps.

What languages are available on the Cemantica platform?

There are five languages: English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. Please contact to discuss your options.

How many maps and personas can we create?

As many as you need! Regardless of your subscription package, personas and journey maps are unlimited in Cemantica.

What are your policies regarding handling personal data and do you comply with privacy regulations such as the GDPR?

We adhere to the latest Privacy requirements when handling personal data. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more details.

What security compliance measures are in place on the Cemantica platform?

Our platform is independently verified to provide you with peace of mind when working with Cemantica to achieve your business goals, for example ISO 27001. For more information, take a look at our key Certifications.

Do you have any encryption mechanism?

The CJM Tool Web application is based on the Microsoft Power Apps engine with a Microsoft Common Data Service database as the data layer. The system performs a real-time encryption of the data when written to the DB (using the MS SQL Server Transparent Data Encryption technology – TDE). Further details on Microsoft Power Platform compliance are provided on their Microsoft document website.

It´s important for us to integrate Cemantica with other applications we use in the business. How does Cemantica connect with our organizational tools?

With more than 70 native connectors to your daily business and VoC apps (such as Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Jira, etc.), CX management across the enterprise is seamless. Integration is simple, with open APIs for automatically ingesting data via web services or by importing from Excel / csv files.
Download the Connectors brochure for more information or contact us at if you want to discuss what applications you are using and how you want to connect with them.

What CRM solutions work with the Cemantica platform?

Cemantica can be integrated with any modern CRM system through an API that allows you to fetch read and write information from the tool. Cemantica has Connectors with the main CRM technologies such as Salesforce for example.
Cemantica also has a native integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Power Apps that can be downloaded from Microsoft AppSource.

Can we export customizable Journey maps?

Of course! You can export in PDF, Image and Excel formats and enjoy a white label design of all your exports, in high definition.

Do you have examples from my industry to help get me started?

Yes! Get inspired from sample data prefilled in various Templates to illustrate what your CX program could look like.
Cemantica reflect industry-specific examples of Personas, Journey Maps, Opportunities, Solutions and Projects to help you see what´s possible and what to include in your work.
Please note this data is not real customer data but represent industry best practices and benchmarks from sectors such as Retail, Pharma, Financial Services and more.

Does Cemantica have Templates to help get us inspired?

Yes! Using journey map templates helps Customer Experience teams to get started quickly and to align with company guidelines from the beginning.
In Cemantica, in addition to starting from scratch, users have the option to save time and use our choice of Journey Map Templates according to your industry or to select Organization Templates that will have already been defined and structured by your company.

Our organization has multiple customer journeys to manage, how can this be easily centralized and managed in Cemantica?

With Journey Portfolio Management, Cemantica lets you easily manage and share your Journeys and personas portfolios across teams, divisions, areas, countries etc. This way you can align practices and projects with tasks and updates globally. Different teams can still work locally to tailor the approach but you will maintain a global view of each other’s CX activities and be able to share the same fundamentals.
Having global portfolio visibility is helpful for all employees to understand the customer perspective as a learning point and even at onboarding to see how all customers interact with the global brand.

What Customer Experience reporting capabilities are available in Cemantica?

Tracking and aligning your CX initiatives with business goals is imperative. Our Enterprise subscription contains pre-configured Customer Experience analytics dashboards to view revenue generated by different Customer Experience projects and instantly share CX ROI to your management team.
Why not ask our AI assistant Alex, to help uncover more insights and automatically create your custom dashboards for you? Find out more about CX Analysis in the platform on our dedicated page.

What AI capabilities do you have?

Alex is our AI assistant within the Cemantica platform for Expert and Enterprise users. Alex´s capabilities are evolving as our roadmap progresses. In 2024 Alex will be able to automatically propose , create and complete journey maps and personas, detect recurring pain points, gain points and opportunities, propose solutions to fix frictions in the Customer Experience, analyze VoC unstructured data to identify common themes and assist in project management to set and evaluate targets and the financial impact of your plans.
Remember that AI is based on learning your needs and activities, the more you do, the more Alex will help save you time and uncover more insights.

How is the consumption of AI managed, how many requests can we make?

AI is available on the Expert and Enterprise subscription packages. Usage will be unlimited. Please contact to discuss the details.

Does the Cemantica platform support Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes, any user already set up with a Single Sign On (SSO) account can enter Cemantica using these credentials. . Please contact to clarify SSO Identify Providers that Cemantica supports, such as Microsoft, Google, Okta, SAML and more.

How do we ensure all users are comfortable with the platform when getting started, and that they make the most of the features available?

Directly within the Cemantica platform, our convenient and useful eLearning area is a self-service portal, tailored to your user type and package, which contains step-by-step instructions on features and the concepts that lie behind them, perfect to get started or as a refresher.

How can our team learn more about CX best practices which the Cemantica platform supports?

Cemantica have put together a rich and varied program of CX training courses designed to help you from strategy to execution. Whether it is our free, online, express Lessons or more in-depth Bootcamps and Masterclasses; Cemantica Learning is the perfect accompaniment to your Customer Experience program to help upskill your team.

What support do I get during my Cemantica subscription?

Your success is important to us, that´s why right from the start we help you achieve your business goals and get the most out of your subscription. Our Customer Success framework means that from onboarding through to user adoption, you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to our Support team. We´re here to help. Contact

We require CX consulting services and want to make sure you can cover our region.

Yes, Cemantica are a global company, please reach out to us at and we will contact you to discuss options.

How can I determine my organization´s current readiness to adopt a customer-centric approach, what is our CX Maturity?

By taking a Customer Experience Maturity Assessment you can clearly understand the depth and breadth of what cross-departmental activities (now and in the future) impact Customer Experience and where you need to prioritize. You can take a CX Assessment online now, get your current CX Maturity score and then reach out to our CX Consultants to determine your next steps.

How do I become a partner of Cemantica?

To apply for a partnership, complete the dedicated contact form on our Become a Cemantica Partner page. Head to our Partnerships page if you want to discover more.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription please email and we will process your request as soon as possible. Monthly subscription payments will be stopped on the anniversary date of the following month and annual subscription payments will be stopped on the anniversary date of the following year. You will be able to continue and use the tool until the subscription expires.