Our CX partnerships support you to deliver great customer experience

Cemantica CX partnerships and alliances

Cemantica has strong and strategic CX partnerships with technology providers and CX consulting leaders to bring you an innovative Customer Experience management platform and best practice guidance with consulting services.


Our strategic and operational CX partnerships bring you continued value

A key part of our approach is building global CX partnerships with market leading and innovative players in Customer Experience (CX) and technology.
We work hand-in-hand to ensure our customers benefit from complete support, from CX strategy to implementation, to drive your CX goals; keeping up-to-date with the latest and best in Customer Experience innovation.

Strategic Alliances

We work with CX consultancy firms and digital transformation partners for global and local CX implementations and support.

Technology Partners

We harness the latest technologies to build an all in one Customer Experience management platform.

Become a Cemantica Partner

If your clients want to improve Customer Experience and you’d like to deliver a more rounded proposition, get in touch.

Strategic alliances driving CX best practice from strategy to implementation

We work with leading Customer Experience consultancy firms and digital transformation partners who operate from all four corners of the world, to ensure our customers benefit from the best CX approach.
Our strategic partnerships help inform our platform roadmap, and curate helpful content in learning and events for the global CX community.

Cemantica are proud to partner with international CX professionals

Special offer for CXpanda

Cemantica have partnered with CXpanda (brought to you by European Customer Consultancy), to bring complementary CX knowledge curated on one platform to support your long term Customer Experience learning path, at a discounted rate.


Always innovating: Cemantica’s customer experience technology partners

In addition to our own R&D team, who continuously develop great features for our Cemantica Customer Experience management platform we work with technology partners who believe in the power of innovation to support real business goals.

Embedded technologies powering the Cemantica platform

Cemantica connectors for an all in one CX platform

We have more than 70 partners that connect with Cemantica and enrich our Customer Experience management platform to always deliver the best value and bring the most efficiency to your organization. 
We integrate with multiple digital solutions across customer engagement, task management, customer feedback and more to optimize employee experiences of managing your CX.