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Our scalable SaaS software platform on the cloud, combined with our proven Customer Experience program approach, allows your organization to constantly refine your customer-centric operations and go at the pace your customers, stakeholders and competitors demand.

Build the foundations and choose to grow when ready.

Whatever your Customer Experience maturity, Cemantica has just the CX platform pricing for you. Our business agility approach empowers us to adapt our offerings to your organization’s needs, objectives and expectations and at your own pace.


Our Customer Experience management platform packages

Simply compare the benefits of each Customer Experience pack and match with your business needs, choose a pricing plan by month or by year. You can even start for free!

* Expert – The package includes Microsoft PowerApps licenses. A one-time installation fee may apply

* Enterprise – The package includes Microsoft PowerApps and Power BI licenses. Additional fees may apply based on the volume of contacts that will be integrated in the VoC platform. A one-time installation fee may apply


Compare our CX Packages

Feature Standard Expert Enterprise
Unlimited Folders
Unlimited Journey Maps
Unlimited Personas
Unlimited Touchpoints
Sentiment Map
Libraries Management
Export Journey Maps (jpg, xls, pdf)
Journey Hierarchy
Multilingual Display
Collaborative Work
Notification Center
Journey Map Templates
CX Program Management
CX Assessment Tool
CX Strategy
Opportunity Management
Solution Ideation
Action Planner
Access to Alex Artificial Intelligence Assistant
Single Sign On
Sentiment Analysis
BI Reports
VoC Integration
Sandbox Environment
Account Management
SaaS instance Shared Shared (Contact us to opt for a Dedicated environment) Dedicated
Storage 1GB 5GB 10GB
Access Management Basic Advanced Advanced
Support Emails Emails + Calls Emails + Calls + SLA
Training 1 Session 2 Sessions 4 Sessions

What are the benefits of cloud software for customer experience management?

Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions offer unparalleled security, ensuring that customer data is protected with the latest in encryption and cybersecurity measures.

The flexibility of cloud pricing plans is also a significant advantage, providing options that can scale cost-effectively with your business needs, whether you're looking at a month-to-month or year-long commitment.

This adaptability extends to the use of the software itself, which can be accessed from anywhere, fostering productivity and a seamless multi-team contact experience.

With cloud-based Customer Experience software such as Cemantica, businesses can leverage a robust, constantly updated CX platform without the need for additional infrastructure and take advantage of open-source connectivity with your other cloud business applications (such as Voice of Customer, CRM technologies etc.).

When considering Customer Experience (CX) pricing, it's clear that the cloud offers a competitive edge with its cost-effective, secure, and flexible solutions.


What is SaaS (Software as a Service) when considering Customer Experience (CX) packages?

SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a cloud-based service model that allows businesses to access and manage software applications over the internet.

Think of a SaaS solution as a “pay-as you-go” plan, that is usually considered as an Opex (operating expenditure) rather than Capex (capital expenditure) for your accounting purposes. This helps when preparing a business case for senior management to support your CX practice and ensures that no depreciation in value of your investment must be considered. Nice and simple!

Customer Experience (CX) SaaS packages are typically priced on a subscription basis, with costs varying depending on the number of users, volume of data, level of service, security capabilities and additional features required.

By switching to Software as a Service for your Customer Experience management platform, businesses can adapt to evolving customer needs without the burden of a significant upfront price and ensure you are benefiting from the latest technologies, feature updates and security.

What is the value of a Customer Experience platform?

The return on investment (ROI) of a customer experience (CX) platform can significantly impact your business success.

Prioritizing Customer Experience not only benefits your customers, but also contributes significantly to your business’s bottom line.

Business growth with a customer centric approach

Companies that prioritize customer experience grow their revenue 1.7 times faster than those that don’t.

Their customer lifetime value increases by 2.3X on average.

Consumers are willing to pay up to an additional 18% premium for a positive Customer Experience.

Remarkably, customer experience leaders achieve a 307% return on their stock performance, surpassing the S&P Index 500 by 108 points.

Quantifying CX ROI

Demonstrating the value of CX to executive management can be challenging. However, it’s crucial for securing funding and facilitating the deployment of the program in the organization.

Start by calculating your company’s current customer lifetime value and churn rate. These metrics reveal revenue opportunities.

If you’re losing customers (e.g., churning 10 or 20 per month), it impacts your revenue potential.

By investing in software to support your CX programs, you can enhance customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and retention, ultimately driving growth.

Holistic approach: Return on Experience (ROX)

While traditional ROI focuses solely on financial metrics, Return on Experience (ROX) considers emotional and behavioral outcomes.

ROX includes factors like customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, and advocacy.

By measuring these aspects, businesses gain a more comprehensive understanding of the impact of CX investments.