CX Platform / VoC Integration

Connect Voice of Customer data into journeys for real time insight

Integrate Voice of Customer (VoC) data into your journey maps

Once you have mapped your customer journeys in the Cemantica platform, you can choose to go one level deeper by seamlessly integrating VoC data into your Journey Maps in real time. More than 70 connectors available including Qualtrics will help unify your insights.


Powerful integration of all customer interactions from Voice of Customer tools

Whether it´s NPS feedback, satisfaction surveys, case studies, customer interaction data stored in your CRM etc., your customer voice starts to enrich your analysis and decisions based on this continuous data feed.

What is Voice of Customer (VoC)?

The customer voice (often called VoC or Voice of the Customer) is a key ingredient of understanding and improving your customers´ experience; because it focuses on real customer needs, wants, expectations and preferences. By purposefully inviting, collecting and integrating VoC into your CX approach in a structured way, using Voice of Customer tools, your organization keeps up with changing customer demands.

How VoC data improves customer experience

How does Cemantica integrate VoC data?

How does Cemantica integrate VoC data?

All VoC datasets can be integrated using Excel, CSV, Web services through our API or use our 70+ connectors, including Qualtrics, Survey Monkey etc.

Deep analysis of your customer satisfaction

Deep analysis of your customer satisfaction

View and compare your personas with real customer feedback and satisfaction at every touchpoint, stage and across all journeys.

Your data fully connected

Your data fully connected

All captured VoC data is integrated into the customer journey mapping tool and analyzed in real time. Easily manage your CX program with ongoing updates.

Turning “static data” into actionable insights

Turning “static data” into actionable insights

Adjust the way you create personas in the future, adjust CX priorities, pinpoint and resolve friction areas more quickly along your journey from customer insights.

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The innovative features, such as integrating VoC into Journey Maps, and valuable guidance from the team, prompted our upgrade from Expert to Enterprise package.

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What is a Voice of Customer (VoC) program?

A Voice of Customer (VoC) program is a strategic initiative that helps companies capture customer feedback and insights. This systematic program leverages various tools, such as surveys, to gather data directly from customers about their experience with a product or service.  It provides valuable insights that companies can use to improve their overall Customer Experience. 

Over time, these improvements can help strengthen the company's brand and foster a better relationship with its customers. 

By implementing a VoC program, an organization can ensure that the voice of its customers is heard, thereby helping the business to continually improve and adapt to its customers' needs.


Choosing which Voice of Customer tools to integrate

Integrating Voice of Customer (VoC) tools designed to capture and analyze customer feedback, directly in your customer journey maps is key. But what leading technologies are ones to consider?

Qualtrics offers robust survey design and analytics, while Survey Monkey provides user-friendly interfaces for quick feedback collection. Miro’s VoC template facilitates visual collaboration, making it easier to understand and act on customer insights. Sandsiv stands out with its AI-driven product, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft services for a unified customer view.

Align your choice of VoC applications with how you communicate with your customers, other technologies you use and the resources you have available.

Where and when should Voice of Customer feedback be collected?

In the quest to understand the Voice of Customer (VoC), businesses should strategically collect feedback across various platforms.

Collecting VoC feedback at every touchpoint, and promptly after interactions, ensures fresh, relevant insights, driving business growth and customer satisfaction.


Real-time methods such as live interviews via calls, video, or live chat provide immediate insights into customer experiences.


Structured customer surveys such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) offer quantifiable measures of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


SMS chats offer a convenient avenue for customers to voice their opinions.


Capturing VoC snippets in your CRM system during customer interactions across sales, service, marketing and billing all surface immediate feedback on experience.


Social media platforms serve as a rich source of unsolicited VoC data, reflecting genuine customer sentiments.


Customer reviews on your website or third-party platforms provide valuable VoC insights.