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Customer experience journey mapping and persona creation

Customer journey mapping software

Create your own tailored customer Journey Maps to surface all Touchpoints with your brand, create Personas and analyze their Sentiment along the journey. Easily share each map across your organization with a click to export your Maps as a PDF, Excel or image file.


What is a customer journey map?

A customer journey map is a strategic tool that visualizes the experience a customer has with a brand, as it is perceived by the customer. It traces the journey from the initial contact, through the process of engagement, and into a long-term relationship. This map helps businesses identify key customer touchpoints that significantly impact the customer’s experience with a product or service.

By mapping the customer journey and its touchpoints, you focus on who your customers are, uncover customer pain points, and identify areas of improvement that will shape your business strategy.

The data gathered from each stage of the customer’s journey can help businesses refine their process and tailor their services to meet customer needs. A well-designed template can guide this mapping process, ensuring all critical aspects of the customer’s journey are considered. 

In essence, a customer journey map can shape service design (Service Design Blueprint) by providing valuable insights into customer interactions, helping businesses improve their offerings and strengthen their brand.

Your step-by-step customer journey mapping guide

Now with customer journey mapping software such as the Cemantica platform, you will bring your journey maps from sticky notes to life as part of your daily work and easily collaborate with the different stakeholders across your company.

Create customer personas

Create customer personas

Personas are fictional characters that represent different customer segments within a targeted demographic, attitude or behavior set depicting specific customer profiles.

Start mapping customer journeys

Start mapping customer journeys

Define all the stages of your Customer Journey. Associate an image and a description in an easy-to-use format.

Customer interactions in action

Customer interactions in action

You’ve set up your Stages! Now start listing your customer interaction Touchpoints, Highlights, Pain points and Insights.

How do your customers feel?

How do your customers feel?

Visualize and compare your Personas’ Sentiment level vs the real customer Sentiment on a Map.

What is happening backstage?

What is happening backstage?

Get a clear picture of the systems and departments (Service Blueprint) involved in each stage - identify the potential internal issues within your company.


What is a persona and how is it used in customer journey mapping?

A persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. It goes beyond generalized demographics by incorporating detailed attributes, motivations, and behaviors. When used in customer journey mapping, personas will provide valuable insights into the Customer Experience.

Fictional personas are essential in improving Customer Experience because they humanize data. Instead of dealing with abstract or transactional segments you can connect and empathize with relatable characters. By using personas in customer journey mapping software your visual representation is a great way of aligning multiple teams with a shared understanding.

Fictional personas inform product features, messaging, plus service and marketing strategies and provide context to decision-making.

Customer journey mapping templates

Flexibility and efficiency are both equally important when creating customer journey maps and personas.

Using Journey Map Templates helps Customer Experience teams to get started quickly and to align with company guidelines from the beginning.

In Cemantica, in addition to starting from scratch, users have the option to save time and use our choice of Journey Map Templates or to select Organization Templates that will have already been defined and structured by your company.

Journey map templates options

Customer journey maps real life examples

Getting inspired to create your customer Journey Maps is certainly helpful, so in Cemantica you can optimize your work further by seeing what´s possible with pre-configured sample Maps and customer Personas by various industries and roles.

Each sample Journey Map illustrates the choices you have in terms of Persona, and all swimlane types such as: Stages, Interactions, Touchpoints, Highlights, Pains, Insights, Sentiment map by Persona, Opportunities, KPIs, Solutions and Actions.

Journey map template sample

Creating a Persona

In Cemantica, just as with a Journey Map Template, you can use Persona Templates to start from a structure and get inspired. A typical structure contains the following elements:
Demographic information: Start with basic details such as age, gender, occupation, and location. These help contextualize the Persona.
Psychological profile: Dive deeper into their mindset. Understand their goals, fears, motivations, and decision-making processes.
Challenges and pain points: Identify the obstacles they face. What frustrates them? What problems do they need solutions for?
Family life and lifestyle: Consider their family dynamics, hobbies, and lifestyle choices. These factors impact their behavior.
Technological literacy: Assess their comfort level with technology. Are they tech-savvy or prefer simplicity?
Goals and aspirations: What are their short-term and long-term objectives? How does your product or service fit into their journey?

Persona templates

Free journey mapping tool subscription

Are you just starting out in Customer Experience or do you want to try out customer journey mapping but have limited resources?

Did you know you can start mapping customer journeys and creating personas immediately and for free?  Cemantica bring you a free forever subscription to Standard Journey Mapping for up to three users, you can start immediately and with no obligation.

Let us help your business optimize your Customer Experience without barriers, achieve those quick wins and develop your Customer Experience practice, build and share your maps with your stakeholders, and benefit from free online training to get started on easy-to-use features grounded in proven methodology.

Once you open your customer journey map tool you have sample data to help get you started, you have unlimited Journey Maps and customer Personas to create and develop with your team.

So, go ahead now for immediate access, your customers and brand will love you for it!