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Customer Journey Mapping brochure

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Customer Journey Mapping

The core module of the Cemantica platform is Customer Journey Mapping, that allows you to create and develop personas, map your customers’ interactions with your brand across all touchpoints, capture and analyze their sentiment and focus on improvement areas to shape your CX action plan.

What´s inside the brochure to help you create and manage each customer journey map?

Explore key customer journey mapping features and benefits in the Cemantica Customer Experience management platform to help reach your business goals and deliver a great experience to customers:

  • Create your customer personas (start from scratch or work from an example in our template library) that reflect the target audience of your brand
  • How to map customer journeys with stages, touchpoints and swimlanes
  • Integrate and analyze customer (via Voice of Customer feedback data) and persona sentiment
  • How to visualize pain points and gains at each customer interaction in your maps
  • How to use templates and sample data in journey maps that will ease the mapping process for your team
  • Develop a Service Blueprint to fix frictions arising from internal processes and adjust the way each product and service goes to market
  • Transform opportunities into actions directly in your map to move into project execution
  • See insights and add KPIs throughout each customer journey

Download the Cemantica Customer Journey Mapping brochure now.

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