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Voice of the Customer tools integration brochure

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How can you instantly and constantly enrich your customer journey maps with Voice of Customer integration?

A key module of the Cemantica platform is VoC data Integration, available in the Enterprise package, which seamlessly brings in your actual feedback from interactions into your customer journey maps, allowing you to flex your CX program according to real customer sentiment.

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What leading Voice of Customer (VoC) tools can you integrate data into the Cemantica platform?

Flexibility and choice is important to allow your business to bring in the right VoC feedback for richer insights. Once you have set up your VoC program, performed customer surveys and put in place processes for data collection to better understand customers, how can you integrate with your Customer Experience program?

The way you can integrate data from your tools and feedback surveys can either be done via self-service by connecting directly into your Voice of the Customer platform products and choosing the frequency of data update in real-time or manually via an upload of a CSV file.

Cemantica Connectors offer integration with leading VoC software such as Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, Sandsiv, Miro, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice and many more.

How can you gain insights of Voice of Customer in Cemantica?

As well as seeing the feedback directly in your customer journey maps in a dedicated Feedback Data lane, you can also perform data analysis of customer sentiment in our Smart Analytics reports and dashboards.

The Sentiment Analysis dashboard will help you analyze customer experience by viewing VoC feedback reports. Spot patterns over time (e.g. pain points), by location, by type, by touchpoint, surface keywords and more.

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