CX Platform

A single customer experience platform

A CX platform in answer to changing customer demands

Changing customer needs indigo

Changing customer needs

As customers’ expectations rise, you must consider many touchpoints to understand your customers, shape your strategy, maximize your engagement and achieve your business goals.

Competitive market indigo

A competitive market

Every organization today wants to keep meeting new demands. But, winning customers and keeping them is becoming increasingly competitive and challenging.

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Digital disruption is here

It’s not only changed the way our customers behave; digital transformation has also altered expectations in how our own teams want to serve them better.


Customer experience management platform features

That’s all why having a centralized and easy-to-use technology platform is essential to establish solid CX fundamentals to be able to evolve with your customers, add value to your brand and drive more business over time.

Cemantica’s CX platform is a holistic end-to-end Customer Experience management tool ensuring a comprehensive CX approach from journey mapping to action plan. Your CX team will benefit from powerful automation: built-in Artificial Intelligence features, smartly connect with your external systems to enrich your journeys with no disruption.

Gitana Veličkaitė Remeikienė trans

Strategic Staffing Solutions

Cemantica has been instrumental in refining our Customer Experience program. We're already seeing improved Customer Experience, increased employee engagement and effectiveness of continuous improvement initiatives in our organization.

Gitana Veličkaitė-Remeikienė, Customer Experience Manager

Cemantica and customer experience software

Transform business indigo

Transform your business

Cemantica’s innovative Customer Experience management technology combined with guidance and support from our CX Consultants help you deliver the best experience to your customers.

Manage collaborate indigo

Manage, collaborate, share

From CX strategy and operational execution with Cemantica, you can organize, send and share information across different countries, departments, business units, teams to work seamlessly, wherever you are.

Pace indigo

Go at your pace

Because our approach is all about scalability, agility and flexibility, once you have built the right structure; you are perfectly independent and empowered to continue your CX work with the core teams and different stakeholders.


What is a Customer Experience platform?

A Customer Experience platform is a cloud-based, AI-powered CXM software that provides businesses with comprehensive tools to manage and enhance the customer journey.

This platform offers real-time data analytics, helping businesses understand their customers better and provide superior service. Key features include feedback surveys, customer profiles, and other tools that support businesses in delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

The platform’s real-time capabilities allow businesses to respond promptly to customer needs, while its AI-powered analytics help identify trends and patterns in customer behavior. By leveraging these insights, businesses can tailor their services to meet customer expectations, thereby improving overall customer satisfaction. 

The platform’s cloud-based nature ensures accessibility and scalability, making it a vital tool for businesses aiming to excel in Customer Experience management.

Talk to qualified CX experts

Cemantica can help you all along the way to refine your global CX strategy, specifically set your journey management strategy and path to growth. Use CX as lever to transform your business to make it more successful.

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Benefits of a single customer experience platform


Empower and bring together your CX teams and their work in one platform; from Journey Map through to CX activities


Seamlessly align your CX program with a best practice governance cycle, allowing your operational outcomes to inform your CX strategy and visa-versa


Scale and strengthen your CX program, with a modular and unified approach that helps you build your capabilities at your pace


Align CX investments to experiences that improve loyalty and impact revenue


Make informed decisions thanks to a scoring system that prioritizes action items


Prove the impact of CX initiatives and secure funding by continuously linking CX to key business outcomes


Eradicate unrealistic assumptions about customer needs and behaviors by surfacing real customer feedback and sentiment levels from interactions in your maps with our VoC platform