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Become a customer experience partner with Cemantica

Become a partner with Cemantica

If you would like to expand the value you provide your customers into the CX sphere, collaborate on technology integrations, or reach global markets you currently can’t access or want to work with us on events and courses to drive customer experience best practice, talk to us about becoming a partner.


How do we partner with experts for CX success?

Technology partners

Do you have ground-breaking technology platforms you think would be useful to connect to our CX Platform to support best practice, productivity and collaboration? Cemantica leverages the latest and best innovative technology to reinforce the tools you use to plan, manage your Customer Experience strategy and complete your business offerings.

Strategic alliances

Do you want to expand your global footprint? Help your customers centralize all their CX data on one Platform? Support them to deploy CX within their organization? Cemantica works with leading customer experience and customer engagement experts around the world to inform, guide and deliver the best CX approaches in organizations.

Benefits of partnering with Cemantica

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Increase your competitive edge

Offer a USP to your customers with a proven CX platform and consultancy.

Reach new markets

Expand your revenue potential by location, sector and expertise.

Stay innovative

Integrate with our cloud-based CX SaaS platform to answer modern customer needs.


Do you share Cemantica’s vision for customer experience?

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients deliver excellent experiences to their customers in order to achieve business success. Partnerships are a key ingredient in constantly innovating and adopting best practices on a global scale.

Want to become a partner?

Discover the advantages of becoming a Cemantica partner, and power up your offering in the global CX community.