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CX Program management features help you turn insight into action

What is a customer experience (CX) program?

A Customer Experience (CX) program is the holistic and systematic approach of creating and executing a customer-centric strategy that companies implement to enhance their products and services, foster loyalty and achieve business success by adding real value to their customers.

A successful Customer Experience program works within a defined Journey Management Framework, underpinned by circular governance and aligned with business goals; aimed at continuous improvement from actionable insights businesses derive from understanding the customer journey.


A winning combination of CX and project management know how

Cemantica covers the end-to-end CX program management cycle, transforming your approach from journey mapping to journey management.  

Your company can manage your entire CX Program with features including Stakeholders, Targets, CX Strategy and Relationships.  All about flexibility and governance, you can manage multiple programs in your organization to represent a larger framework across the business or a specific CX project.

A dedicated CX Program area will guide and help you coordinate actions and tasks with different stakeholders. You can also connect your own Project Management system (e.g. Jira, etc.) to the platform.

Cemantica customer experience program management for CX implementation

Get your CX initiatives off the ground by prioritizing, implementing, and monitoring your CX projects with Cemantica CX Program features, available in our Expert and Enterprise subscription packages.

After you mapped your customer journeys, analyzed your customer sentiment and highlighted opportunities to improve customer experience; you can easily transform into a project plan of tasks with owners.

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A better way to plan, collaborate and implement customer experience projects

Cemantica provides a single customer experience management platform where you can prioritize and manage your CX implementation with ready-to-go customer experience project templates.

Artificial Intelligence features support the execution of your CX program by automatically identifying friction points and trends of key drivers that lead to positive and negative sentiment, suggesting Solutions and Opportunities to build into your project plan´s Priority Matrix.

Turning your CX initiatives into actions

Stop piling up your projects and paralyzing your CX management. Go directly into action with a hands-on set of CX templates covering all steps of your CX cycle from the design of the CX strategy to the implementation of new CX initiatives.


How the CX Program management module helps customer experience project management

Achieve successful implementations of your CX goals with an all-in-one platform dedicated to team collaboration around the CX action plan.


Automatically integrate Journey Mapping insights


Centralize and prioritize CX initiatives in one platform


Build your CX dashboard and list all project tasks


Define quick wins, short, mid and long term projects


Help cross-functional and external teams collaborate on CX tasks


Visualize your project plan by status and date


Communicate in real-time with updates and file sharing


Customize automation workflows to fit your needs

What makes a good CX program?

A good CX program is customer centric and focuses on continuous improvement of the customer experience. 

Over time, these programs will transform the experiences of customers, fostering a culture of customer loyalty and setting the company apart in today’s competitive business landscape.

A successful CX program will align perfectly with the business goals and financial targets of a company, allowing the CX team to have visibility of the impact their initiatives bring and to prioritize project execution according to a defined Cost / Benefit analysis model.

Essential elements of a CX program

A CX program starts with customer journey mapping, a process that tracks every customer interaction, digital or otherwise, with the company’s products and services. This mapping provides actionable insights into the customer’s experiences, helping the business to understand their needs and expectations. 

These customer insights are then used to enhance the company’s strategy, ensuring that the service provided meets and exceeds customer satisfaction. 

By collecting and analyzing feedback data over time, companies can make informed decisions that will help improve their CX programs, leading to better experiences for their customers.

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