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Practical and hands-on training with our online CX Bootcamps

Cemantica CX Bootcamps

Cemantica’s practical hands-on online CX Bootcamps cover Customer Journey Mapping, CCXP Training, From Customer Journey Mapping to Impact, Service Blueprint and Project Execution; with take-aways you can implement right away in your business plus an extended free trial of the Cemantica platform to continue the work you do during the course. 

Special Bootcamp hosts and CX specialists such as, Diane Magers CCXP, Olga Potaptseva CCXP and more, are taking part in the training journey to support you and your team in building customer experience skills.

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Meet your experts leading the customer experience bootcamps

Each Bootcamp expert hosting the training course is CCXP qualified.

Certified by

In association with Customer Experience Consultancy which is an accredited CXPA Recognized Training Provider (RTP), Cemantica is proud to bring you best practice throughout our Learning program.

The CXPA RTP program identifies providers that have met qualifications deemed essential to providing quality training in line with the CXPA Customer Experience framework.

What are the benefits of practical customer experience training?

Practical customer experience training courses are designed to empower your team with the skills necessary to elevate your business strategy using real-life examples.

By attending a CX bootcamp, you and your team will learn how to craft a customer-centric approach that will support both your customers and your business growth.

Typically over the course of two days, each module of a program immerses you in hands-on learning, ensuring that the tools, techniques and skills learnt translate into real-world applications.