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The Power of AI in Customer Experience 2024

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How can AI power up your Customer Experience program?

Eytan Hattem, Cemantica together with Ian Golding, CXC discussed how AI is more than a concept confined to technology experts.  Artificial Intelligence has evolved so much that more and more organizations are using it in practical ways to improve productivity of the CX team, to go further with data-driven insights and to provide personalized (at scale) experiences for customers at each touchpoint.


We showed a new and practical way to leverage Artificial Intelligence into the CX Operating model using the CXC framework:

  • Get started quicker with your ready-to-go journey templates ​
  • Generate and enrich your persona profiles automatically​
  • Automatically point recurring gain points and pain points
  • Identify key drivers that lead to positive and negative sentiment ​
  • Provide insights by automatically creating your customized reporting
  • Smartly connect with your external systems to enrich your journeys.

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Watch the video

See real, concrete applications of AI use across CX scenarios: creating and enriching personas, building journeys from feedback data, detecting painpoints, ideating solutions to fix issues in the customer experience.

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