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Cemantica’s innovative technology combined with a unique customer-centric approach help you deliver the best experience to your customers. We can work with you at all stages according to your “Customer Experience” maturity level
CX transformation is no longer a nice-to-have, it's a necessity
Forrester, 2020

How to survive in a fast-changing environment?

In today’s era of volatility, grappling with constant change and uncertainty makes it difficult to clearly anticipate and foresee what is coming next.

The solution? Keep forging ahead and embracing change as an opportunity by being truly in tune with your customers – get to know your customers inside out and understand their behavioral patterns to remain abreast of their needs and expectations.

Change is the new constant, pervading all aspects of our lives –keeping up with the rapid pace of change is pivotal to success.

The covid-19 is an unfortunate illustration of such an unexpected and major change that can hit society, greatly affecting the way people work, socialize, travel, shop and will simply live in the future.

So let’s get ready!

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The Customer-Centric Approach
You are missing out on the value of the “Customer Experience Journey”
You need to capture how your customers actually experience your brand versus how you think they do
You gathered customer information on sticky notes, white boards etc. but lacking a clear process within your organization to update the info and set up a remedial action plan in real-time
You are not quite sure where to start

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The Business Approach
You feel that you need to better understand your customers to boost your business
You have put your finger on many customer complaints and need to deepen your understanding of the situation before jumping to any conclusions
You need to strengthen your business and develop new revenue streams
You would like to launch a new product on the market
You realize customer retention is on the wane and you need to focus on areas of improvement to foster and build more customer loyalty
You need to improve the way you communicate with your customers
You need to increase your prospect-to-customer conversion rate… etc

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Building a Customer Centric Strategy approach

The Power of Emotion: Emotionally engaged customers are

  • 3x more likely to repurchase
  • Less price sensitive
  • Less likely to shop around

At Cemantica we believe that Customer Experience reaches way beyond journey mapping – to us it is about fostering a whole new “customer experience culture” and believing in the “Power of emotion.”

“Customer sentiment, happiness and satisfaction should be the cornerstone of your business strategy. Identifying and tracking customer interactions and monitoring their sentiment level is pivotal in developing and establishing that “special connection.”
Ma’ayan Jowell, Customer Success Manager, Cemantica

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How much is a happy customer worth?

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Why are some products / services more successful than others?


A team of seasoned Customer Experience Professionals can design with you a customized Customer Experience program. Aligned with your business objectives, we will unleash impactful actionable insights and value for acute and informed decision-making.

To help you better understand and fully grasp the customer experience concept, we have lined up a great and complete Cemantica Value Proposition including different CX workshops delivered all around the world – the secrets of delivering an outstanding customer experience finally revealed.

The market is changing! And so are our customers!

Customer Experience has become pivotal

Technology and AI have revolutionized the way we interact. These disruptive technologies have bumped up the shopping and social experiences to a whole new level. Customers looking for a dazzling customer experience has now become the market standard. “It is not about the car, it’s about the drive”

“You can make a difference by arousing emotional connections with your customers”
Being in touch with your customers garnering their feedback, comments, sentiments, emotions and perceptions in real time?
Identifying issues in your customer service process that cause frustration and dissatisfaction?
Turning all this information into actionable insights, making it available to the right people within your organization who could conduct the appropriate remedial action plan to address what needs to be fixed?
Imagine all that…Wouldn’t your customers love doing business with you? And this is where the Cemantica magic kicks in!
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