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CX Doers - Employee experience: How it makes a difference to your business?

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Event date: 20/03/23

(Start) 15:00
(End) 16:00
(Timezone) GMT

Welcome to the Cemantica CX DOERS hosted by Ian Golding, CCXP

Sandra Thompson, CCXP together with Christina Dolding, CCXP, will describe the importance and the impact of a great employee experience on your business.

Come join us to discover and understand:

- The power of managing your employee experience
- The benefits of intentional employee experiences
- The power of your employee value proposition
- The Emotional intelligence: how to do empathy well?
- Practical tips to bring employee experience to life


Introduction by Ian Golding, CCXP

Christina Dolding
- Employee vs. Colleague Experience, what difference does it make?
- How and why to create an intentional Employee / Colleague experience?
- Identify and understand the moment of “truth”

Debate with Ian Golding, Christina Dolding and Sandra Thompson
“Why invest in Employee and Colleague Experience? What challenges can you face? Who should be responsible?
What value will it bring to you and your organization?"

Sandra Thompson
- The power of Emotion: Emotionally Intelligent: How to do empathy well?
- The Employee Value Proposition: Understand the power of your employee value proposition

4 Practical tips you can apply now! from Ian Golding, Christina Dolding and Sandra Thompson

Q&A session

A great event with CCXP speakers hosted by Ian Golding

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