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Setting up a Customer Experience Program

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Setting up a CX Program

This Methodology Guide provides key steps to take when establishing your Customer Experience program, it´s an essential support to CX teams whether you are starting out, hitting challenges or need a reminder on best practice.  Cemantica´s team of CCXP qualified consultants have put together this short guide based on our experiences and skills.

CX Program

What's inside this Methodology Guide?

  • What is a CX Program?
  • The key pillars of a CX Program framework
  • How to define core elements of your CX Program (the why, how, who and what)
  • Setting your CX Strategy and how to connect it to your business strategy
  • Defining the Scope of your program (including personas and journeys) to allow you to focus and prioritize
  • The importance of Methodology and Governance to set controls and best practice for the long term
  • How to include the key ingredient of a Customer-centric Culture within your CX program

Each Cemantica Methodology Guide takes you through best practice within Customer Experience.  Step-by-step, you will be able to grasp key concepts, align your organizational approach with customer experience best practice and grow your expertise.

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How to launch a successful Customer Experience (CX) Program

Embarking on the journey to refine your customer experience program is pivotal for any business seeking to thrive in the digital era. Our comprehensive guide, "Setting up a Customer Experience Program," is an essential read for any organization aiming to cultivate a customer-centric culture and create a structured framework for a long term strategy that aligns with senior management needs.

Through the course of this digital guide, we aim to help customer experience professionals in your company achieve the right approach from crafting and organizing journey maps, through to governance of feedback data integration and closing the loop on actionable insights to inform your strategy as it evolves with your customers to purposefully and consistently optimize experiences over time.

Dive into our guide and transform your business with a robust customer experience program today.

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