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Tectura and Cemantica: Partnering to drive CX innovation in Asia

Posted: Mar 17, 2023
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17 March 2023, SINGAPORE / HONG KONG

Tectura, a leading digital transformation partner with strong presence in Asia, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Cemantica, an innovative Customer Journey Management platform that helps enterprises across the globe; design, execute and manage their Customer Experience strategy.

Present in 11 offices across 6 countries, Tectura is a global business consulting provider with a strong Asian network, headquartered in Singapore. Tectura’s 400 skilled employees deliver a superior digital transformation service and sustained value through consulting, software and IT implementation.

Operating from offices throughout Europe, Cemantica is a Customer Journey Management Platform designed by CCXP qualified experts that is helping organizations across the globe build, manage and deliver Customer Experience programs; from the design of the CX strategy to the mapping of customer journeys, the implementation of CX initiatives and measurement of the business outcomes through an ROI-driven model.

Together to bring the best Customer Experience approach to Asia

Today’s market is evolving rapidly, so to make the difference and maintain a competitive advantage, organizations have to better understand their customers' behavioral patterns at every touchpoint and grow with them to constantly remain abreast of their needs and expectations.
Every successful organization puts the customer at the heart of its business in order to future-proof strategy and operations for the long term. Adopting a CX-driven business model makes Customer Experience everyone’s business with a clear focus.

“We are excited to partner with Cemantica to deliver the best-in-class CX solutions to businesses in Asia. Together with Cemantica we will provide our customers with a strong CX approach supported by a robust Customer Journey Management Platform” says Michael Muller, CEO, Tectura Inc.

“Cemantica is strongly committed to working hand-in-hand with our global partners who are leading players in business transformation through CX. Together with Tectura, we bring a unique value proposition to the Asia market: local knowledge, international coverage and proven CX best practices driven by advanced technologies in Customer Experience innovation.” adds Eytan Hattem CCXP, CEO, Cemantica.

Exciting plans for CX in Asia – how is this a unique partnership?

Tectura and Cemantica will work hand-in-hand to help enterprises in Asia to generate a clear understanding of their customer's moments of truth at every stage of the journey and design new opportunities for growth.

We will together design CX strategies, build persona profiles, map customer journeys, collect real-time customer feedback and measure ROI on CX initiatives. This scalable and comprehensive approach is a differentiator in the market.

Cemantica and Tectura will tailor the solution to adapt to the “CX maturity” level of the organizations in Asia from “CX starter” solutions to more advanced CX program management solutions that can be deployed with an agile methodology and in a short period of time.

Michael Muller adds “The Asian market is very active today, focusing on developing CX strategies to become the brand customers love and trust, and we will offer them an easy-to-use platform that will support their CX initiatives.”

A proven, reliable platform and partnership built on Microsoft technology

Both Tectura and Cemantica are Microsoft partners, sharing business application know-how to ensure customers benefit from integrated and future-proof technology to fit with their daily work.

Available on AppSource, Cemantica is a robust CX platform built on Microsoft Power Platform technology, hosted on Azure and using Artificial Intelligence (AI) cognitive services to analyze customer behavior and sentiment.

Founded on deep industry knowledge and technology competency in Microsoft Dynamics, Tectura as a Microsoft Gold Partner; delivers full-spectrum Microsoft Dynamics consulting, implementation and support services for various industries.

About Tectura

Tectura is a leading consulting provider of ERP and CRM solutions leveraging on Microsoft Dynamics. We have over two decades of experience in this field providing tailored solutions that help our clients with their digital transformation.

Tectura takes pride in our commitment to our clients’ success and are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions.

Tectura is proud to carry the title “Gold Partner” of Microsoft Dynamics, which states that we have the highest competence in advising, implementing and servicing Microsoft business solutions.

Learn more about Tectura at www.tectura.com

For press enquiries contact: Karinna Boey, karinna.boey@tectura.com

About Cemantica

Cemantica is an innovative end-to-end Customer Journey Management Platform leveraging CX best practice to empower enterprises to achieve their business transformation goals, from strategy to execution.

Cemantica helps global organizations gain a better, deeper understanding of customer needs and expectations, turning those insights into profitable opportunities to improve customer experiences through the entire relationship lifecycle. On a single platform, enterprises build journey maps, connect them in real-time to VoC data, deploy CX actions across the organization and calculate the revenue and cost savings the CX initiatives have generated.

Cemantica as a scalable SaaS platform, combined with a proven CX program approach, allows your organization to constantly refine your customer-enabled operations and go at the pace your customers, stakeholders and competitors’ demand.

Download your free trial now at www.cemantica.com

For press enquiries contact: Esther Edelstein, esther@cemantica.com

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