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SANDSIV and Cemantica announce strategic partnership to enhance global CX solutions

Posted: Feb 22, 2024
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Voice of Customer and Customer Journey Management technologies unite to amplify customer value

Zurich, Switzerland – February 22, 2024

SANDSIV, a leading provider of Customer Experience (CX) and Voice of Customer (VoC) technology through its sandsiv+ enterprise platform, proudly unveils a strategic partnership with Cemantica, a leading international Customer Journey Management (CJM) Platform provider. This groundbreaking alliance aims to redefine the landscape of customer-centric solutions globally, empowering businesses to excel in delivering unparalleled customer experiences.

In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, where customer loyalty is the ultimate differentiator, quickly understanding, refining, and optimizing every touchpoint of the customer journey is paramount. Surfacing the intricate nuances of customer interactions and leveraging VoC data to derive actionable insights are crucial for success.

Cemantica's cutting-edge Journey Management Platform offers an end-to-end solution, enabling organizations to seamlessly map, analyze, and enhance the customer journey. By integrating SANDSIV's robust VoC technology, companies gain unprecedented visibility into customer sentiment and preferences, facilitating real-time adjustments to deliver personalized experiences at scale and at every level of the Journey.

Cemantica and SANDSIV are at the forefront of Enterprise solutions, paving the way for the future of CX through AI. Together, they provide a range of AI-powered tools that enhance every aspect of CX, amplifying the customer voice and fostering innovation. Their technology automates the creation of journeys and personas, conducts sentiment analysis, and employs advanced algorithms for topic detection, categorization, and journey analytics. These capabilities, combined with an actionable recommendations engine, streamline productivity and revolutionize customer journey insights—presented in an intuitive, collaborative, and user-friendly platform. With a shared vision, SANDSIV and Cemantica empower businesses to achieve sustainable growth by harnessing customer insights for profitable opportunities.

Experience the future of CX with SANDSIV and Cemantica's vision. Visit SANDSIV's Partner page to discover how this groundbreaking alliance is reshaping the customer experience landscape.

Mirko Buonerba, Global Partnership Manager at SANDSIV, emphasizes the significance of the partnership: "By integrating Cemantica's expertise in journey management, addressing the 'how', with SANDSIV's VoC technology, uncovering the 'why' behind customer interactions, businesses can effectively translate raw data into actionable insights. 

Together, we pave the way towards uncharted territories, where each customer interaction serves as a beacon guiding businesses towards success."

Eytan Hattem, Business Lead at Cemantica, highlights the benefits of the integration: "By combining the strengths of both platforms, we enhance our overall customer experience. 

Through deeper personalization and improved operational ease, the integration facilitates real-time data sharing, customer insights, and relevant actions seamlessly. 

This collaboration offers the potential to unlock great business value, resulting in a robust and cohesive technology stack."

Company profiles

SANDSIV is an innovation leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions. With its cutting-edge end-to-end CXM software solution, SANDSIV empowers businesses worldwide to deliver differentiated customer experiences and foster long-lasting customer loyalty. The company's commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled it to expand its partner program and establish a world presence that is constantly growing.
Visit the SANDSIV website.
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Cemantica is a SaaS-based Customer Journey Management Platform developed by CCXP experts. It empowers organizations to manage their CX cycles comprehensively, from strategy design until execution integrating Journey Maps with real-time VoC data and enabling global deployment of CX actions. With headquarters in Paris, Cemantica collaborates closely with industry partners to drive CX innovation around the world.
Visit the Cemantica website.

Media contact

Silvia Bellò
Digital Marketing Manager, SANDSIV

Esther Edelstein
Sales and Marketing Director, Cemantica

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