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Experiencecon 2021

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Cemantica were proud to participate and speak at this event. ExperienceCon is the first virtual experience design, and management conference in Central Europe .

Customer Journey Management focus 

This year we discussed the latest trends and best practices you need to know to solve the evolving challenges of experience design and management.

Speakers included

- Sirte Pihlaja

- Eytan Hattem

- Mark Ej Garner

Our session covered

How to connect your VoC data to your Journey Maps and get in depth analytics in real-time?

Some key topics covered during the event

- How to humanize the customer experience?

- How to support your business with exceptional employee experience?

- How to get senior leaders to become committed to customer experience

World-class speakers, Ian Golding (CX Consultancy), Kunal Sachdeva (IBM), Clare Muscutt (CMXperience), Holly Richardson (Unilever), Perry Timms (PTHR), Paul Tolchinsky (PDA), Cecilia Hugony (RealCX) and Eytan Hattem CCXP from Cemantica discussed hot topics such as the business impact of a customer-centric culture, the future of customer experience, and how an exceptional employee experience can support your business.

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Event date: 11/03/21

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