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CX24 Conference - What if humans and technology joined forces to impact the Customer Experience?

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(Start) 16:00
(End) 20:00
(Timezone) CET
4 hours
Renens, Switzerland

Exploring the impact of artificial intelligence in Customer Experience with CXPA Switzerland

This CXPA Switzerland conference is the essential event for those who aspire to innovate in the field of customer experience.

Cemantica Keynote at CX 24

Eytan Hattem of Cemantica will be kicking the CXPA conference off with a Keynote focusing on the role of Artificial Intelligence to support the work of Customer Experience teams.


  • Keynote: How do AI and technology support Customer Experience management? - Eytan Hattem
  • Breakout session: Humanizing the digital customer experience - Michela Cocco
  • Breakout session: Monitoring CX performance - Géraldine Bröker and Guillaume Deriaz
  • Plenary session: The employee at the center of the customer experience - Robert Rosales and Julie Sturchler

Find out more about how to attend the French speaking conference.  

Places are limited, with special free access for CXPA members.

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Keynote speaker

How do AI and technology support Customer Experience management?

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