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CX Doers Webinars | Turn CX Projects into Actions

Get your CX initiatives off the ground by prioritizing, implementing, and monitoring your CX projects with Cemantica's CX Program Management module. This practical webinar with real-life scenarios will provide you with lots of ideas and advice when implementing your improvement opportunities.

Hosted by Olga Potaptseva - Founder, CX Implementation Advisor, European Customer Consultancy
With guests and speakers from Cemantica,, UCD, and AstraZeneca.

What did the webinar cover?

- Implement your Customer Experience projects in a timely manner!
- How to concretely implement your CX projects?
- Roundtable with UCD Academy / Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease

Webinar held October 11th 2021. Catch up now.

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