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Can HR use customer experience methods to attract and retain talent?

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Event date: 20/09/23

(Start) 16:00
(End) 17:00
(Timezone) GMT

Welcome to the Cemantica CX DOERS hosted by Pavlina Bergan, CCXP from Cemantica

Sandra Thompson, CCXP together with Simon Moore, will describe:

How to create & manage a program to deliver a competitive and personalized employee experience, to maintain and retain our talents in a fast-changing environment where key trends change and reset constantly.

In this webinar we speak about

  • Current workplace trends
  • How to address future of work challenges
  • The role of Employee Experience (EX)How to leverage emotional intelligence & personalization


HR leaders need to constantly reexamine the workplace, emerging skills, the impacts of artificial intelligence, the employee experience and so much more as business disruptions reset work trends. Companies are undertaking business transformations that are changing their products, services, operations, and internal operating mode.

What methodology can be used to stay relevant and attractive to employees? What role does emotional intelligence play in the overall Employee Experience? How do you keep up with the market trends and be the brand your employees love? How do you manage the Employee Experience cycle and better understand the needs and expectations of your employees?

A great event with CCXP speakers hosted by Pavlina Bergan from Cemantica

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