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Secrets of the Mind Power | What drives consumer behavior?

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CX Doers Webinars | Secrets of the Mind Power

Truly understanding what drives the behavior of your customers to engage (or not) with your brand. How?

What was covered in this webinar

- Persona profiles integrated with archetypes from Innovation Bubble

- Journey Maps built with behavioral insights of your customers in order to know WHAT and WHERE to deliver an experience

- Collecting real-time Customer Feedback to ensure your actions are personalized and impactful


- Ian Golding CCXP, Customer Experience Consultancy (Host)

- Dr. Simon Moore, Innovation Bubble

- Julia Perez-Zrihen, Cemantica

Looking to generate an increase in ROI? Want to know what drives your customers behavior?

Webinar held 8 December 2020. Catch up now.

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