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Earned Growth Rate: How CX helps sustainable and profitable success

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Welcome to the Cemantica CX Doers webinar

Eytan Hattem, Cemantica together with Gary Cook, Empowered Analytics discussed:

The Earned Growth Rate: How can CX support your sustainable and profitable success?

In this webinar we speak about

  1. What is the Earned Growth Rate? Why is it important? How much revenue can each of your customers bring to your organization? By using the Earned Growth Rate, brands get a clear, data-driven understanding of the connection between customer success, recurring purchases, recommendations, positive brand image and business results.

  2. The Customer Experience approach: You can’t buy “advocates”, you must earn them through exceptional Customer Experience

  3. Which metrics and tools should you consider? Where to start?

  4. Conclusion and next steps

  5. Q&A


Why Brands will be forced to embrace the era of the customer for sustainable and profitable growth.

It is proven that customers coming from referrals are more profitable, have a lower acquisition cost and are more likely to turn into advocates themselves and spread the word among friends/ colleagues.

Therefore, the investment in Customer Experience can be much more valuable than effort invested in limited or disconnected marketing and communication campaigns.

If this is so obvious, then why are companies still hesitating to develop and implement a Customer Experience program?
Too complicated? Too much change required? We understand the barriers, but a pragmatic approach that focuses on producing quick wins can be the key to turn your organization into a customer-centric culture, little by little.

In this webinar we provided some key pointers for business leaders looking to align their business objectives of profitable growth with a long-term strategy focused on the customer.

Your speakers from Cemantica and Empowered Analytics

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