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CX Lifecycle Management: Define, Plan, Execute and Measure

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CX Doers Webinars | Manage your entire CX cycle with Cemantica

In this webinar, experts walk you through the entire CX lifecycle with concrete case studies and tangible results from designing a CX strategy, mapping the customer journey, implementing solutions with an Agile methodology right down to measuring the outcomes backed-up by business KPI.

Hosted by Ian Golding, CX Expert, Customer Experience Consultancy.


- Maria Kallergi, CX Manager, Dixons South East Europe
- Ciara Reilly, Research Director, Red C
- Karen Morton, CX Strategy, An Post
- Diane Magers, Founder & CEO, Experience Catalysts
- Eytan Hattem, CX Business Lead, Cemantica

Webinar held July 1st 2021.  Catch up now.

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