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Leveraging CX for Business Transformation

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CX Doers Webinars | CX as a Lever for Business Transformation in Complex Organizations

ROUNDTABLE with Q&A hosted by Dennis Wakabayashi, Global Voice of CX

- Customer Experience as a game changer: how does it make the difference?

- The importance of building an Experience Management Program – How do I increase size, scale and speed in large organizations?

- How do I measure ROI on my Experience program? What are the key metrics?

- How do I concretely run a CX program using a Journey Management Platform in a complex environment? Concrete demo


- Graham Clark, VP & Consultant Customer Experience, Digital Transformation & Business Growth, MCorpCX

- Michael Hinshaw, President & Founder, MCorpCX

- Bob Azman, Chief Customer Service Experience Officer & Consultant, Innovative CX Solutions

- Eytan Hattem, International CX Expert, Cemantica

Webinar held March 15th 2022. Catch up now.

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