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CX Day 2023 CX Unfiltered Live

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CX Day 2023

CX Day is a global day to celebrate the organizations, individuals, and customers, that are at the heart of better customer experiences.

CX Unfiltered - The truth about the state of CX today!

Cemantica was proud to join in the celebrations of CX Day 2023 organized by CXPA.

The live event was hosted by Ian Golding and was joined by global CX experts Diane Magers, Olga Potaptseva, Eytan Hattem and Dennis Wakabayashi for an open discussion about the CX market, about customer trends, their vision for the future and more from their experiences…

  • No script
  • No filter
  • Lots of surprises and insights.

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Global CX experts in the panel

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