Shift your Business Strategy to a CX Driven Model

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(Start) 17:00

17:30 (End)

(Timezone) CET
30 minutes


This lesson for senior managers uncovers key concepts of how a Customer Experience approach acts as an efficient and strategic lever to long lasting business transformation. You will learn the KPIs to consider in order to align business strategy with your CX Program, and the steps you need to undertake to move from your current state to your future state of transformation goals.


Who's it for?

This Lesson is right for you if:

- You are a senior manager in your organization responsible for setting strategy

- You are looking to implement a customer-centric approach in your organization

- You want to define or refine best practices in aligning the customer experience to business transformation

- Want to put measurements in place for your initial CX practice

- Want to grow your knowledge of customer experience

What will you learn?

You will learn

- How CX and business strategy align

- Best practices of a Transformation Roadmap

- Key concepts of current and future states in business transformation

- What measurements and ROI you should look for from your CX approach

- How to make the shift in business strategy, operations and culture to an Outside In approach