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Expertise to help align your CX program with business goals and operations


Customer experience consulting to support your business transformation

As customer demands evolve, the changes needed by organizations to react and future-proof strategy, operations and culture needs constant attention. Cemantica’s team of CCXP qualified professionals are on hand to help you define your CX strategy in line with business goals then implement and reinforce best practices to keep you on the right path to customer-centric business success.


Your steps to a customer experience program

Cemantica’s innovative customer experience technology combined with a unique customer-centric approach help you deliver the best experience to your customers.


What is our brand promise?


Who are our customers?


How do customers experience the relationship?


What do customers expect and need from us?


What is the return on investment related to CX?


Are our employees customer obsessed?

How to build your own customer experience strategy

Cemantica’s experienced and global team of Customer Experience consultants design a customized CX program with you

Aligned with your business objectives, together we surface impactful actionable insights, define practical steps to help you deliver better customer experiences and shape your business in line with modern expectations. 

We work with all shapes and sizes of departments to fill any gaps of your current resources and skills, quite simply we’re on your team.

CX Consulting approach to manage your Customer Experience program

Setting your company’s course

Setting your company’s course

Build your CX strategy, define your brand promise, your brand values and set your objectives with a clear timeline and action owners.

Time to work on your Customer Journey Map

Time to work on your Customer Journey Map

Define your personas, build your journey maps, service blueprint maps and flag your customers’ pain points and opportunities.

Boost the insight of your journey map

Boost the insight of your journey map

Integrate your VoC data directly on your maps at a journey or touchpoints level. Compare your personas sentiment level vs. real customer sentiment level.

Prioritize actions and deploy your action plan

Prioritize actions and deploy your action plan

Rank your CX solutions by using a 7 criteria cost/benefit analysis and resource planning metrics. Execute the action plan – milestones, assign owners and activities, track and collaborate on tasks, follow-up at each stage of the journey.

CX consulting services

Based on our sector experiences and knowledge of best practice, we’ve lined up a flexible choice of interactive Customer Experience Workshops, that help you better understand key concepts and apply them to your business.

Our consulting services can help you define brand values, your target audience (via personas), customer journey maps, pinpoint data collection points and match which integrated technology will support your customer centric approach.

The choice is yours.

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CX Assessment Workshop

How genuinely customer-centric is your organization?


CX Strategy Workshop

Design your Customer Experience strategy.


Journey Mapping Workshop

Design your Customer Journey Map and identify actionable insights.


Service Blueprint Workshop

Map the backstage elements below the visibility line that impact customer experience.


Solution Ideation Workshop

Brainstorm solutions to address customer pain points and prioritize them based on a proven cost / benefit analysis scoring model.


CX Execution Workshop

Design your CX plan and actions within your organization. Determine responsibility and teams.


Tailored CX Workshop

We can also build customized CX workshops with you in line with your business expectations and specific needs.

Cemantica CX Consulting best practice

Firmly grounded in business principles, our CX Consultancy packages ensure the best practice of a CX governance cycle approach which easily surfaces key performance analytics, supporting you to deliver short, medium and long-term return on investment.

When setting up for CX Program from the start, your organization must create a framework for ongoing Governance. The governance cycle wraps around all elements of your CX program, from strategy to operational activities.

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Do I need a CX strategy?


We need a clear value proposition that is compelling to our customers.


We have different opinions on our target market.


How do we make it easy to do business with us?


How can we calculate ROI in setting up a CX program?


We do not have a complete picture of where, when and how customers interact with us.


What measurements do we put in place to increase customer loyalty?


Why are we losing customers to our competition?


How do we better launch a new product onto the market?


How do I get customers to recommend our business?


Why are our customers frustrated?


Why are some products / services more successful than others?


What framework do we put in place to move to a more customer-centric company?