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The importance of a CX approach in your enterprise

Posted: Mar 09, 2023
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The mirror of business objectives and customer experience

Focusing on the Customer Experience, aligning it with your Business strategy and adopting an “Outside-In” approach, isn’t just a “nice to have” or a separate project owned by one department; it has real and measurable business outcomes. And if we consider why it sounds so simple to align your business transformation goals with your customer experience ambitions, it’s because there are multiple examples of the same source.

Let’s look at how common challenges, faced by both senior management, employees and of course customers crossover, impact one another and therefore if you solve any of these, you face a win-win-win situation.

Do these business challenges sound familiar?

• You are looking to grow revenues and profits and develop new income streams
• You want to increase customer acquisition (volume and value)
• Your customer attrition rates could be more healthy (volume, value and percentage) and you need to focus on areas of improvement to foster and build more customer loyalty
• You are seeing a drop in conversion rates (prospect to customer)
• You want to control and increase lead generation (volume and value)
• Your commercial pipeline is suffering due to the competition and lack of insight into what your customers need
• You would like to launch a new product or offer on the market

Do your customer-facing teams want more for the experience they deliver to your clients?

• High customer satisfaction
• High number and quality of customer references
• Low customer effort required (reduced frictions)
• Positive customer interactions
• High customer loyalty and advocacy
• Better and more personalized ways to communicate and engage with customers
• Deeper insight into how your customers experience your brand versus how you think they do
• A better picture of customer complaints and a clear path to resolving common issues
• Reduce fragmented and siloed approach to customer engagement with all teams working together
• Extend initial customer strategy sessions from a “sticky note” approach to a joined up and adopt customer experience best practices

Do you like what you see in the strategy mirror?

In the conversations I have every day with prospects and customers, I hear similar challenges and while it’s never great to hear of issues and problems, I know from our experience that because CX and EX approaches are levers to long-lasting business transformation, there is a clear way forward.

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