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Cemantica workshops, practical and interactive, from insight to action


CX Workshops to guide you to deliver the best Customer Experience

How do you know where and what you want to get to unless you don’t know where you are now?

It’s about achieving your business objectives and becoming the brand your customers love. This is what Cemantica’s Customer Experience consulting services bring, to get you on your growth path we devised practical Customer Experience Workshops.


What is our brand promise?


Who are our customers?


How do customers experience the relationship?


What do customers expect and need from us?


What is the return on investment related to CX?


Are our employees customer obsessed?


Customer Experience consulting methodology

Cemantica Customer Experience consultants have put together a series of interactive and practical Workshops to work with your teams to pinpoint your current readiness to embrace a customer experience strategy, through to the steps you need to take to realize your customer-centric ambitions.

Why Cemantica?

Through our experience with global companies of all shapes, sizes and “CX-maturity”, we have devised a step-by-step approach to give you time and space to work towards the ability to deliver great customer experiences.

CX maturity assessment
CX strategy
Brand values
Root cause analysis
Customer feedback collection
Customer journey mapping
Build personas
Solution ideation
Action plan
Project execution

Which CX Workshop is right for you?

With you every step of the way

Not only will your teams have insightful conversations and sessions with our CX consultants, but we provide you with reports and recommendations as firm deliverables to take you to the next step and for internal discussions.

Cemantica’s innovative customer experience technology combined with a unique customer-centric approach help you deliver the best experience to your customers.

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What is included in each Customer Experience Workshop agenda?

Throughout each Workshop we use Cemantica’s innovative Customer Experience platform to help you visualize how your customers interact with your brand and how that can transform into a real action plan.

CX Assessment Workshop

How genuinely customer-centric is your organization?

We evaluate your organization’s competency with 10 different criteria and together identify stakeholders to take the initial survey. Following in-depth interviews, we calculate your CX maturity, and deliver a report with recommendations and priorities to align on a shared CX approach across the business.

CX Strategy Workshop

Design your Customer Experience strategy

Together we define ideal customers, brand values, and align CX ambition with your business strategy. As we develop the CX strategy we determine ownership and then produce a summary report, with recommendations, persona profile, brand values, goals and strategy.

Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

Create your own Journey Maps and Action Plan

A Customer Journey Mapping workshop to highlight your customers’ perception, identify business challenges and build your Cemantica Journey Map and Persona.

We will then set up with you the appropriate action plans, recommendations, build your customer program and enhance your customers’ experience.

Service Blueprint Workshop

Map the backstage elements below the visibility line that impact customer experience

We review systems, departments and business processes and define ownership and KPI measurements. For each stage we list action items which leads to a summary report with recommendations, your service blueprint map, actions and persona profile.

Solution Ideation Workshop

Brainstorm solutions to address customer pain points and prioritize using a cost / benefit analysis scoring model

We undertake industry research and stakeholder interviews to understand your brand needs and challenges, and onboard sponsors for the Workshop. During this we brainstorm solutions to solve identified CX challenges and list opportunities. A summary report documents the discussions and we follow up with a meeting to plan next steps.

CX Execution Workshop

Design your CX plan and actions within your enterprise, agree responsibility and organize teams

Together we prioritize actions arising from journey mapping sessions using a cost/benefit scoring matrix and regroup into projects. The top 5 CX projects are selected to focus on and proceed to a set-up of our CX Project Management module. Following training and configuration we hold regular meetings to resolve bottlenecks, maintain focus and produce management reports.

Tailored CX Workshop

We can also build customized CX workshops with you in line with your business expectations and specific needs.