CX Platform / CX ROI & Analytics

Measure and share the financial impact of your CX program

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How do you measure the ROI of CX initiatives?

The ROI module in the Cemantica Journey Management Platform helps you measure the bottom-line impact of your CX program. With simple dashboards, you see revenue generated by different CX initiatives and instantly share to your management team.

Customer experience analytics & ROI

Customer Experience programs are a lever for business transformation to meet customer needs while supporting business goals. Your CX program must bring expected business benefits and you must be able to measure it.


The financial importance of customer experience analytics

To prove value of a customer experience program is key. The ability to track and quantify the financial contribution of each CX project, and ensure it is in line with your company’s objectives.

ROI-driven customer experience

By linking each CX initiative to business KPIs with their own business goal and instantly measuring the outcomes in terms of business performance; you can prioritize and focus on the right projects to ensure your CX program contributes to the business objectives of your organization.