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Our CX strategy partners wish you a Happy New Year

Posted: Jan 12, 2023
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As we kick off 2023 we took a moment to ask our valued partners about our shared ambitions for the year ahead.

Thanks to all our partners for their valuable participation so far in working together to supporting our customers to improve their CX programs and achieve their business goals.

Ian Golding, CCXP
Global Customer Experience Specialist
Customer Experience Consultancy

“Cemantica can support me in 2023 in the way it has done over the last two years actually, by continuing to demonstrate that Customer Experience isn't just theory. But with the right platform enabling professionals to document and manage the theory to operationalize Customer Experience, we can truly deliver the value that organizations are looking for.

Without Cemantica it's so hard to do, with Cemantica it gives us the structured approach to Customer Experience that I've wanted my whole career.”

Diane Magers
Founder and Chief Experience Officer
Experience Catalysts

“I think it's going to be critical in 2023 for us to be organized, very specific, have the rigor and structure that we need to support our organizations. And really understanding, deeply understanding our customers and their journeys; being specific about who and where and what they're doing, given all the pressures on the economy and the transformations companies are going through.
So Cemantica I believe is a tool, a platform and a culture of how we really support Experience management professionals in doing the best work that they can.”

Olga Potaptseva, CCXP
Founder and CX Implementation Advisor
European Customer Consultancy

“What I expect from Cemantica in 2023 is to support my clients through me and there are two ways they can do it. First is the amazing Journey Management program, and secondly the education. I very much enjoyed it last year and hopefully will continue this year, bigger and better!”

Graham Clark
VP Market Development

"I think it's to continue to evolve the richness of the tool, especially in managing CX portfolios and also the increasing importance of other stakeholder voices like employees and partners and others.
I think Cemantica is uniquely positioned to continue to help build this global community of those who believe that CX tools like Cemantica's are critical to the success of the movement.”

Andrea Hanyecz
Co-founder and Head of Partner Relationship
CXPA Hungary

“Cemantica can help me to support my clients by providing the perfect CX platform to create customer journey maps, personas and develop the CX strategy.”

Pranav Kumar
Chief Experience Designer
Praakamya CX Designers

“Cemantica help me to put various pieces of information about the customer, about the customer journey, into one page, one place and enables me to share it to all the stakeholders."

Matthieu Bonelli
Founder and Customer Experience Specialist

“Cemantica can help my clients further with their Customer Experience.”

Dragan Djordjevic
Country Lead

“Cemantica can support the development of Customer Experience Journeys in Serbia very easily and we expect great results from that.”

Janusz Czarnowski

“Cemantica people can be a great support for us next year.”

Cemantica in one word from our partners?

  • Transformative
  • Supportive
  • Easy
  • Discipline
  • Structure
  • Comprehensive platform
  • Foundational
  • Perfection
  • All in one

Watch the video to see our shared hopes for the year ahead from just some of our partners, we can’t wait to see what comes next!

Thank you to those partners who took part in the video!

In 2023, how can Cemantica support you?

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