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A dose of Customer Success equals Healthy CX

Posted: Feb 10, 2021
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In our end of year team review we discussed the importance of customer centricity remaining a core thread of our DNA. However, I think that perhaps this REALLY is in my DNA!

Growing up, dinner was a family meal, where we sat and caught up on each other’s day. Being raised in a family business also meant that much of the dinner conversation was work related. My parents company slogan then and now, 35 years later, remains, ‘We give Service’. Selling electrical appliances, you’d think that giving service is an obvious component of any retail business, but they quickly learnt that their competitors, mainly large Walmart style companies, all saw their customers as numbers and when competing on product and price is a challenge, the one element that differentiated them was the level of service they provided their customers.

Customer Success is the new popular ‘must have’ role to apply for if you’re customer focused, particularly in the SaaS industry. Traditionally it is positioned as a liaison between sales and service, dedicated to maximizing profitable customer relationships by reducing churn and growing recurring revenue. Where Customer Support has always played the role of responding to customers issues and grievances, Customer Success takes the proactive approach of onboarding new clients, gathering customer feedback, training, upselling and ensuring the post sales relationship with customers remains strong.  

Research shows that only 4% of dissatisfied customers will actually put their frustrations into action and lodge a complaint.

So, where the Customer Service team will assist this mere 4 %, the remaining 96 % are left walking away disheartened and most probably quite resentful of the brand. How differently could this statistic look if more brands took a proactive approach as soon as they realised that the customer had a less than satisfying experience during their interaction. Customer Success Managers have an incredible opportunity, now more than ever, to be involved in multiple phases of the customer lifecycle, allowing them to have a bird's eye view of how customers interact with their brand, while working closely to discover and understand their business needs and challenges.

Today, luckily enough, I am working in a company that is all about producing, selling, and delivering CX. Surrounding myself with customer centric people means that our whole team, from our company director to our solutions architect, understand that we are only successful if our customers are successful. My focus on building relationships with my customers and understanding how our products add value to their business, can only be achieved due to our users’ experience, being one of our main priorities.

Making moments count is what creates lasting memories in our customers minds. Being part of that moment is a decision we can choose to make... In Customer Success we have the opportunity to change our customer's experiences on a day to day basis by making those small moments feel like milestones moments.

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