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What is a Customer Journey Management Platform? | More than a customer journey mapping tool

Posted: Nov 02, 2020
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Cemantica is so much more than a Journey Mapping Tool. So what’s the story behind the story?

Here at Cemantica we are big advocates of breaking the silos and putting customers first. But you know, it’s easier said than done. The good news is that we found a way to make it pretty easy to help us ensure that day in day out, we communicate from top down and across the organization, and we inject the value of putting our customers first in everything we implement.

So what’s the secret?

Centralizing everything to one single place: Cemantica is a Journey Mapping, CX Program Management, and a VoC integration platform with the unique added value of being all centralized on one single interface: The Power of the All-In-One.

Why has our focus been on centralizing all this data?

In our digital era, the need of digital collaboration has seen a rapid growth and was emphasized with the global pandemic which forced companies to readjust and provide a unified digital working space for all. Today, the need to collaborate digitally is essential to transmit information and keep moving forward.

The culture shift from being product focused to being customer-centric is inevitable if you want to keep up with the pace of change, but you must ensure that you have the right vehicle to transmit the values that drives this culture.

Customer-Centricity is to not be owned by some department, or even someone specific. CX is a culture and should be adopted by every employee in the company. But how can you get so many people on board? The only way to allow mass collaboration and manage in an efficient manner your customer interactions, internal tasks and KPI measurement is to use technology. The all-in-one, single platform allows you to manage your CX efforts in a centralized manner, so it can be easily accessible, tracked, used and implemented by all.

Delivering stellar Customer Experience is a mission of an entire company, but without the right backbone it can prove to be quite challenging.

This is our Story, this is Cemantica. Come find out how we can set this up for you too.

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