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Customer Journey Analytics with Cemantica

Posted: Jan 27, 2021
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Transform or “crash”

The year 2021 has kicked off, and the CX topic is hotter than ever. But why? Why is it that suddenly customer experience took the spotlight? Well, actually you might have just become more aware of it because it’s been in the talks for quite some time, under the name of “Experience Economy” coined by Joe Pine and James Gilmore. But now it’s either you transform or you “crash”. Pretty tough right? But it is the reality were faced with today, with a fast-paced environment where agility is your survival kit.

2020, was a clear lesson – you cannot control everything, you cannot build Excel sheets with forecasts and think that because you are an expert in anticipating trends it will turn out like you planned. But there has been one element that has been constant since the time of dawn… and that is our customers. Their method of consuming products and services has evolved across time, but they are still the heart of our business and we are pretty sure it will remain like this… or not?

Business Heartbeat

So, if we know that our customers are the heart of our business, what are we doing to ensure that it keeps beating? Well naturally, the answer would be to say that we should keep delivering on their expectations and trying to anticipate what their next needs will be to keep them coming back. Right, but it is not that easy.

If you are familiar with Journey Mapping then by now you know that in order to understand your customers, you need to first put yourselves in their shoes in order to imagine in a more objective way, what’s happening when a customer is interacting with our brand and understand why they are behaving the way that they are. And from there you will be able to build Empathy. Empathy can drive to build incentive plan that put the customers first instead of putting business objectives first.

What is the point in creating a fancy 10-page Marketing plan if no one is there to buy it in the first place? Make sure you listen to your customers and understand their needs before you build any plan.

BUT, obviously that’s not all of it. We’re all humans, we all make mistakes, or misunderstand, or simply things change, so although journey mapping is e s s e n t i a l, you must still keep track of the impact of your actions. As you start improving processes, building new initiatives you must check back and measure if they are impacting your customers in the right way, in other words start leveraging experiences as a growth engine.

Journey Mapping Analytics

For your journey map to have value beyond collecting information through brainstorming sessions, whether done physically and/or digitally – the map must evolve from a static snapshot into a dynamic visualization of your customers behavior in real-time but also, it’s impact on KPIs needs to be taken into account because let’s be true to ourselves, that’s what we’re trying to achieve here.

Journey analytics completes the journey mapping exercise because it bases discoveries on data rather than focusing only on opinion. By using a platform that allows both the ability of kick-starting a CX initiative through journey mapping exercises and to leverage this tool with analytics, will allow you to discover REAL, backed-up by data, areas of opportunities where you will be able to empower the teams to engage with each customer at specific moments of their journey to provide the highest level of CX, by adding a personalized experience.

Rendering your Journey Map to become measurable is key here.

Cemantica: Customer Journey Management Platform

Cemantica covers the entire CX cycle to build the journeys and optimize them so your actions will be personalized, meaningful and result with an impact on your KPIs.

From Journey Mapping to solution ideation, the creation of an action plan until the deployment, backed with analytics to measure the impact of your actions, Cemantica is your CX partner from A-Z.

In short:

  • Understand Customer Behavior across the different touchpoints over time.
  • Pinpoint areas of opportunities and frustrations
  • Collect actionable insights backed up by data and analytics.
  • Drive personalized and impactful CX

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